Lamparas Halogenas


Long-life brand quality for the best eco-balance – OSRAM halogen lamps leave nothing to be desired

Brilliant, natural looking light and lower electricity costs, unlimited design options and a good conscience about the environment – with OSRAM halogen lamps you have everything at once and yet can enjoy light in all its subtleties. Our products offer outstanding quality of light, exceptionally long life and excellent environmental credentials. Thanks to our technology inside the innovative ENERGY SAVER halogen lamps, energy savings of up to 65% are now possible. Your customers and the environment will benefit.


MINISTAR, the world's smallest halogen reflector lamp, brings unmatched freedom of expression to luminaire and furniture designers. To encourage luminaire manufacturers and design students to exploit this potential to the full, OSRAM launched a European MINISTAR Contest.

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Why halogen lamps?

Halogen lamps – the multitalented lamps from OSRAM "Halogen lamps from OSRAM provide brilliant bright light that is as good as natural light for rendering colors. Our halogen lamps are especially versatile and have exceptionally long lives – up to five times longer than ordinary light bulbs.

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Application overview

Light gives us so many design options. Particularly with the versatile, durable and economical halogen lamps from OSRAM which offer excellent solutions to every challenge in the professional sector.

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Product overview

Adding halogen turns ordinary light bulbs into a brilliant halogen lamps. In these lamps the tungsten atoms that vaporise from the filament are “captured" by the halogens. The result is up to 30% brighter light than from conventional lamps – and up to five times longer life.

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An excellent product

OSRAM has set itself the goal of providing sustainable protection for the environment. We therefore look at the entire life cycle of our products – from eco-friendly design and the use of appropriate materials to eco-friendly disposal.

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Halogen lamps have conquered the world in only a short time. There are good reasons for this. They include the quality of light, the directability of the light and the "freedom of expression" that this offers.

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Saver calculator

OSRAM has taught halogen lamps how to save energy. Thanks to a special coating on the bulb, known as Infra-Red-Coating (IRC), IRC lamps produce cost savings of up to 65% compared with standard halogen lamps. With our saver calculator you can work out what that would mean for you.

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An overview of available product brochures on halogen lamps from OSRAM in fashion of PDF files is to be found here.

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